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About me

Sarah Moss - ATCI wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to everyone and make you all aware of some of the procedures that you should be familiar with as parents of a student athlete here at Bondurant-Farrar.

Many of you have probably seen me throughout the past two years, but my name is Sarah Moss. This will be my third year at Bondurant-Farrar (2nd as a full-time) and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I received my BA in Athletic Training from Northwestern College in 2016, and am currently working on my Masters in Kinesiology with Sports Psychology and Exercise & Rehabilitation concentrations through A.T. Still University.

Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. My cell phone is the easiest way to contact me, but I do try to respond to emails in a timely fashion. If I am not available, Brant Reyerson (our team physical therapist & ATC) can be reached at 515-967-5025 or at the number below.

What is Athletic Training?

Athletic trainers (ATC) are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, and facilitate the rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Training Room Hours

I arrive at the high school by 2:30 every day, except Mondays when I arrive at 1:30. If there is an away varsity football game, I will not be around, otherwise, I do not leave until about 6/6:30 unless of home competition. If your child has a free 8th period class, they are more than welcome to see me during that time. Please stress to your athletes that their school work comes first, but I do encourage them to see me as soon as possible, due to only one of me and 200+ of them. Please remain patient with me. I give a direct report to your child’s head coach, what their playing status is, and will contact you as parents ASAP.

Reporting Injuries

It’s important that I am aware of injuries ASAP. I have MANY resources available to get our athletes the best and quickest care. In order for me to do this, I need to be made aware of the situation. If your child has come home with an injury, please do not hesitate to call or text me. I am here to help your child get the best possible medical care. I want to see your child perform their best just as much as you do, so please keep me in the loop.

Concussions/Head Injuries

IF AN ATHLETE IS SUSPECT OF SUFFERING A CONCUSSION OR HEAD INJURY THEY MUST BE REMOVED FROM PRACTICE OR COMPETITION IMMEDIATELY AND BE EVALUATED BY MYSELF OR FAMILY PHYSICIAN. As parents, you all sign the “Heads Up” form each year, so this should not be new information to you. If your child does happen to suffer from a concussion/head injury, a packet of information will be sent home regarding things to watch for and return to play protocol. I inform the school nurse regarding any head injury or concussion in case your child needs accommodations regarding their class work, but ask you as parents also inform the office. I do request the child be seen by their family physician or our team doctor, Dr. Galioto, but will still follow the return to play protocol provided by me. There are those rare cases (10-15%) where a child seems to plateau or still continues to have symptoms. If your child’s symptoms are slowly progressing 4 days after the initial head injury, a referral to PT will take place for vestibular or exertional rehabilitation.

Returning to Play After an Injury

IF AT ANYTIME AN ATHLETE SEEKS A PHYSICIAN, CHIROPRACTOR, OR ANOTHER PHYSICAL THERAPIST THAT IS NOT PROVIDED WITH SELECT PHYSICAL THERAPY, THEY MAY NOT RETURN TO PLAY UNTIL A WRITTEN NOTE IS PROVIDED FROM THE PROVIDER. As stated, your child’s health is my first priority. I need to be made aware of what is going on in order to keep them safe. Please do your best at communicating with me by having your child provide me with a note from the provider if I was not the first health care professional to evaluate them. My usual rule of thumb is your child needs to participate in one full practice before competing in a competition. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Middle School Athletics

These athletes are just as important to me! I am present at all home football, wrestling and track meets for the middle school athletics. If your child happens to become injured during the hours I am available during high school practices, I will be more than happy to evaluate your child at their practice. I rely HEAVILY on communication from their coaches and you as parents. Please inform me as soon as possible. I try and accommodate the best I can with you and your athletes in regards to evaluations and practice protocols, especially since I am not accessible every day at their practice. Regarding head injuries and concussions, I still would like to see a written note from the provider, but they will still follow the return to play protocol I provide. This note may be turned into the school office or nurse, but please make sure I am made aware. Like I said, I heavily rely on communication in regards to the care of these athletes, so please keep me informed.