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Game Night Guidance

The focus for our game night spectator guidance is to find the safest way possible to allow parents and spectators to watch our games in person.  It is our expectation that these guidelines will be followed at both home and away events.  All home varsity football and half-time band performances will be live streamed on BLUEJAYSLIVE.ORG  The link will be communicated on our social media accounts and the district webpage.  This will enable viewing of the game for those who are unable to attend.  We know this isn’t ideal, but we want to keep our athletes and families as safe as possible to ensure the games can be played. Thanks for your understanding. More information is being provided below.


The Raccoon River Conference has established minimum standards for Fall Middle and High School Activities.  Bondurant-Farrar has chosen to develop, in some cases, stricter guidelines that are consistent with the BFCSD board approved Return to Learn plan.  These guidelines will be shared with visiting schools in advance of each contest.  Items in bold print indicate those items where Bondurant-Farrar is taking a more stringent or specific standard.


  • Event capacity will be limited due to COVID-19 for 9/Varsity Friday night home football games.  
  • ALL spectators must have a  VOUCHER to enter the event.  (You must present a physical ticket, photo of vouchers will not be accepted.)
  • An allotment of 220 vouchers will be given to the visiting schools administration to distribute.
  • Home allotment will be: 6 vouchers for seniors, 3  for juniors and 2 sophomores & freshmen.  
  • The voucher will enable the holder to purchase a ticket ($5); those who have a voucher and have pre-purchased Athletic Passes (Family, Individual, Grandparent, and Student) will not be subject to the $5 ticket price. 
  • If cash is used, please do your best to bring the correct amount.
  • All visiting spectators are to remain on the visitors side. 
  • B-FCSD staff passes are not valid for the fall season (unless you have a ticket voucher).  
  • Fans will not be permitted to exit and re-enter the stadium.  
  • Event entrances may be modified depending on the event and venue.
  • Admission workers will be required to wear a mask if they are not behind a barrier such as plexiglass.
  • Physical distancing will be required in line. Please stand on the designated symbol or cone.
  • Vouchers not available to the general public or non-student participants.

General Spectator Information:

  • Spectators are responsible for their own health screenings. If you are not feeling well, showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or have been around someone who is COVID-19 positive, stay home.
  • Patrons with underlying health risks or above the age of 65 are encouraged to remain at home.
  • Frequent Hand Washing.  Hand sanitizing stations will be available.
  • Remain Physically Distanced (6 feet)
  • Avoid Face Touching
  • No footballs or the like.  K-8 students are to remain seated with their family. No running around.  
  • Home fans remain on the home side. Visitor fans remain on the visitor side. 
  • Pets are not permitted inside the facility.  
  • No backpacks.
  • No skateboards, scooters or the like. 

Face Coverings

    • Spectators will follow the Bondurant-Farrar CSD face covering requirements when attending an event.
    • Masks are required for entry of all visitors\spectators.  
    • They must be worn when physical distancing isn’t possible.  
    • Please plan accordingly and bring your own mask.


  • Bondurant-Farrar will have a small supply of disposable face masks available.  If supplies are depleted and you need a mask but we are out, you will not be allowed to enter.
  • Masks are expected to be worn when: entering, exiting, moving about the stadium, in line for concessions/restroom, when physical distancing is not possible.
  • We encourage family units to sit in pods.


  • Frequent reminders will be made via the public address announcer.

Facility Seat Capacity for Events

    • To ensure physical distancing guidelines, each conference school will limit capacity for events to 50%  
    • Seating will be modified depending on the event and venue due to physical distancing requirements.
      • Raccoon River Conference Rule: Tape on seat = Do Not Sit




  • Concession stand operations will be guided by Polk County and Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals. Information will be communicated to visiting schools prior to the event.
  • Exact cash amount is highly recommended when ordering from the concession stand.
  • Physical distancing will be required in line. Please stand on the designated symbol or cone.
  • Modifications will be made to the setup of the concessions stand to ensure safety.
  • Concessions stand workers will go through a health screening and wear masks and gloves when contacting food.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed.  

Media/Event Workers:

  • All event staff and workers should remain physically distant, when possible.
  • Masks are required if event staff cannot be socially distant from other staff.
  • Media must maintain 6 feet of distance when interviewing coaches and students.
  • Pressbox will be limited to essential personnel only (clock operator, scoreboard operator, announcer, etc.)  
  • Visiting media will be provided a table and chairs outside the opposing team film room and access to power.  


Bondurant-Farrar and the Raccoon River Conference Schools are working hard to make sure our students have a great experience this fall.  The consequence of not following these expectations may include not being able to attend future events.  Please help us out by following the guidelines above!  Go Bluejays!