Bluejays News · Football Post Season Awards

The Bondurant-Farrar Bluejays finished the football season with a mark of 6-3 and with that many players received post season recognition.  The Bluejays had five first team all district players, five second team all district players, four honorable mention players and one of the highest honors was to have 20 of our players on the academic all district team!  (all listed below).  Nyanti Gehrke was Co-Offensive MVP (with Max Sutcliffe of Norwalk) and Christian Conn was Defensive MVP for the district.  All-State Honors- 2nd Team Offensive Line Kainen George-Townes, 2nd Team Defensive Back Brody Caswell, 3rd Team Linebacker Christian Conn.  Christian was also selected and played in the 4th annual River Battle Bowl, which features a group of elite senior players from the state of Iowa versus a group of elite senior players from Nebraska.

1st Team All-District

Gehrke Nyanti 11 Bondurant – Farrar
George-Townes Kainen 12 Bondurant – Farrar
Conn Christian 12 Bondurant – Farrar
Caswell Brody 12 Bondurant – Farrar
Collins Jordan 12 Bondurant – Farrar

2nd Team All-District

Lozano Kaeden 11 Bondurant – Farrar
Miller Braden 10 Bondurant – Farrar
Snelson Griffin 12 Bondurant – Farrar
Meislahn Carter 12 Bondurant – Farrar
Turner Aiden 11 Bondurant – Farrar

Honorable Mention All-District

Cross Hunter 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Harless Jaccob 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Coon Camden 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Levenhagen Garrett 12 Bondurant-Farrar

Academic All-District (Varsity member with cum gpa of 3.25 or higher)

Beresford Ty 10 Bondurant-Farrar
Caswell Brody 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Collins Jordan 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Coon Camden 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Eichmeyer Cade 10 Bondurant-Farrar
Gibney Jacob 10 Bondurant-Farrar
Hall Cody 11 Bondurant-Farrar
Havener Jacob 10 Bondurant-Farrar
Hayworth Jacob 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Hill Jackson 10 Bondurant-Farrar
Klemme Tyler 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Levenhagen Garrett 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Lewis Aiden 11 Bondurant-Farrar
Lozano Kaeden 11 Bondurant-Farrar
Meislahn Carter 12 Bondurant-Farrar
Scott Kaleb 11 Bondurant-Farrar
Snider Ryan 10 Bondurant-Farrar
Trulson Ben 10 Bondurant-Farrar
Turner Aiden 11 Bondurant-Farrar
White Oskar 10 Bondurant-Farrar